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Join our fearless band as they brave self-contained adventures with plenty of improvisation, unexpected twists, and laughs. Past episodes are available on-demand via YouTube video and as audio delivered directly to your favourite podcast app.

About The Spontaneous DM

Robert Peake

My name is Robert Peake. I started playing Dungeons & Dragons as a Dungeon Master back in the 1980s. Returning to the game as an adult, I have been discovering new ways to make preparing for sessions quick and effective, and to allow for as much spontaneity and surprise as possible during the game.

Through my YouTube channel and DMs Guild books, I share what I have been learning about becoming a more spontaneous DM. I also play self-contained one-shot adventures with my friends, which we record and release as video and audio podcasts.


The Spontaneous Dungeon Master's Companion
The One-Page One-Shot Toolkit
One-Page One-Shots, Volume I

Prepare to be spontaneous.